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An adolescent mouth muscle?
A scowl from a circus jester?
A subway coin that is damaged or destroyed?
Trepidation from malted barley and hops?
A pipe fitter/repairer who only works between spring and autumn?
A tin and copper alloy that is more attractive?
An antlered stag that is trapped and unable to move?
Fruit spread served from the place where you normally receive your cold cuts?
A semi or big rig attachment that is more ashen?
A pursuit that takes place beyond Earth's atmosphere?
ClueRhyming AnswerExtra Info
A frying vessel for guys only?
An alternative-to-a-shower trail?
A supernatural or mysterious nursemaid/caretaker?
A firm three feet?
Spry or agile lumber?
One who pays for a scheduled amount of time at an activity complex?
An eye droplet as a result of crying, that lands on a wharf?
A zeppelin for a mischievous child?
A fancy dress that's chestnut or sepia?
A portal placed at the opposite end of a ceiling?

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