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Gaming cubes made out of frozen water?
A basin the pigment of red and white color tones mixed together?
Fermented grape juice from the Alpine river near Switzerland and Germany?
A storage compartment for English footballers?
A lithe and agile drum set component?
A cathedral or chapel made from white-barked trees?
A rigid or unyielding microbe or bacteria?
What you get when the corn you're growing increases in height?
A plate or dish belonging to 14th-century English poet Geoffrey?
A wheeled cart used to transport growlers and other large, handled, beer containers?
ClueRhyming AnswerExtra Info
The result of unwrapped confectionery in the Kalahari on a windy day?
A tax that's far from light?
The main substance of a tree that is better than bad?
An unlit, large predatory fish?
An experience during sleep about vaporized water?
A parental offspring that has been deceptively spellbound/mesmerized?
A flat-bottomed freight ship that's bigger than medium?
A sector or precinct for playing marimbas and the like?
A cartographer who charts young, fashionable, and unconventional women from the 1920s?
A concealed dunghill or refuse heap?

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