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A balmy tempest?
A sentinel for fats and suets?
An NFL scout for a player most likely to be used on 4th downs?
A dromedary or bactrian made out of the hardest substance on the human body?
A sepia coronet, or a tan diadem?
A preserved Pharaoh full of bread and cracker particles?
Agony as a result of a downpour?
An exchange of protection from direct sunlight?
A plaything or knickknack for a Japanese water garden fish?
A male duck's device for gathering leaves?
ClueRhyming AnswerExtra Info
A drainage device for bovine fertilizer?
A contorted portable camping shelter?
A sidearm made from a clear/transparent mineral?
Soft, spreadable cheese that's gratis?
A tasteless troupe or lackluster ensemble?
Directly beneath the result of lightning rapidly heating the surrounding air?
A theatrical performance during the 5th month of the Julian/Gregorian calendar?
An arboreal growth for drones and queens?
An exact replica of your celly or landline?
A feeble or unconvincing sport/pastime?

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