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Can you name the NFL terms, that, when changed by one letter, would look completely different on the field? (see game note)

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Change one letter so that...AnswerExtra Info
a play in which the signal caller gets tackled behind the line of scrimmage
...becomes a piece of clothing for said player's foot?
a non-offensive lineman between the nose guard and end
...becomes a fortification involving light touching so as to induce laughter?
a (typically) 4th-down boot to gain field position that rolls to a stop and is touched by the kicking team
...becomes a now-empty Guinness glass?
a forward throw from the QB that is not caught by his receiver
...becomes an interrupted urination?
a 3-point kick
...becomes the aim/purpose of a diabolical enemy?
the result of 'moving the chains'
...becomes the initial sunrise?
the extended break between the 2nd and 3rd quarter
...becomes something/someone that is 50% feral?
the yellow 'laundry' that the ref throws in response to infractions
...becomes an infraction whereby the guilty player is severely beaten with a rod or stick?
the numismatic flip that determines which team will kick off
...becomes the flinging of choice cuts of meat?
a penalty whereby a player illegally uses his fingers and palms to strike/hold an opponent's front of the head
...becomes that same infraction using one's buttocks or backside?
Change one letter so that...AnswerExtra Info
this defensive back (SS)
...becomes a piece of twine?
an offensive hybrid player that serves as a blocker and/or receiver
...loses a lot of weight?
the kick that increases a team's score by 1
...becomes an excessive amount of literature?
a failure to snap the ball before the play clock expires
...becomes the postponement of a fence door?
illegal movement by an offensive player (other than the center) after taking a set position
...becomes untrue celebrities?
a player whose primary function is to catch passes
...gets a heck of a lot smarter?
the infraction whereby a defender illegally hits/tackles a receiver before the catch
...becomes history?
a special teams method of using the foot to squib the ball in order to gain/regain possession
...becomes a foot strike at the immediate scene/location?
the stoppage of play at or after the final 120 seconds of a half or game
...becomes a 120-second method to avert or repel an attack?
a play (usually during short yardage situations) in which the signal caller attempts to deceive the defense by keeping the ball himself
...becomes language used by said player?

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