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Can you name the rhyming answers to the following clues? (each answer will contain the name of a car manufacturer--see instructions)

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ClueRhyming ManufacturerExtra Info
A tax placed on an abbreviated Camaro or Corvette?
A tire-and-spokes combo belonging to an erstwhile company founded by Ransom E.?
Dark, viscous material on the underside of your X-type (perhaps as a result of a freshly-paved road)?
A titled Medieval Mongol ruler who makes Sentras, Altimas and Maximas?
An apologetic Testarossa?
Excrement found in the back of your Samurai or Grand Vitara?
The street or lane exclusively named after the Korean cars that drive down it?
Morning condensation on your Forester or Legacy?
A rustic cottage or cabin for Durangos, Darts and Dusters?
A Civic or Prelude of or relating to a girl that the Beach Boys need help from?
ClueRhyming ManufacturerExtra Info
A collapsable bed found in an Italian compact?
A toot for a friend on the sidewalk while driving a Wrangler?
A stinging insect inside a luxury division of Nissan?
Pasta in a Countach?
A fire-breathing, winged serpentine-like mythical creature advertising the Jetta?
Radiance emanating from a Swedish import?
An inscribed tablet commemorating an Aztec or Vibe?
A neigh from under the hood of a Cooper?
A very small amount of something in a Carolla or Prius?
A decorative design on a car named after the sixth planet from the sun?

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