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Can you name the countries whose lowest point is still above sea level?

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ContinentCountryLowest Point
EuropeDniester (7')
AfricaMaputo River (69')
AfricaSenegal River (75')
EuropeIron Gate [Danube] (92')
EuropeSt. Peter's Square (108')
AfricaShire River (121')
South AmericaRio Paraguay (151')
EuropeVardar (164')
EuropeAusa River (180')
AsiaKanchan Kalan (230')
AsiaMekong (230')
EuropeTisza (249')
EuropeNeman River (295')
South AmericaRio Paraguay (295')
EuropeBodrog (308')
AsiaDrangme Chhu (318')
EuropeApetlon (374')
EuropeElbe (377')
EuropeMoselle River (436')
AfricaBodélé Depression (525')
ContinentCountryLowest Point
AfricaRunde & Save Rivers (531')
EuropeLake Maggiore (640')
AfricaBlack Volta (656')
AfricaNiger River (656')
AsiaAmu Darya (846')
AsiaSyr Darya (984')
AfricaZambezi (1,079')
AfricaUbangi River (1,099')
AfricaWhite Nile (1,312')
AsiaDebed (1,312')
EuropeRhine (1,411')
AsiaKara Darya/Qaradaryo (1,427')
AfricaLimpopo & Shashe Rivers (1,683')
AsiaHoh Nuur (1,699')
AfricaAlbert Nile (2,037')
AfricaLake Tanganyika (2,533')
EuropeGran Valira (2,756')
AfricaRuzizi River (3,117')
AfricaOrange & Makhaleng Rivers (4,593')

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