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Can you complete this full circle before-and-after quiz? (see game notes)

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An inclined means of entrance into a pool: water _____
An erstwhile device for completing mathematical calculations
An alteration or modification in the acceptable practices of a sport or game
Pass from one owner to another
Very easily; unquestionably; utterly
The location of Australia and New Zealand?
Being attacked (pyrotechnically?)
'Hit me with any questions that you want to.'
An athletic event not in one's home stadium
The screenshot after losing all your lives in Mario Bros. (or what might be uttered after a marriage?)
A way to prepare eggs (it's not too difficult)
Wealth obtained with little or no difficulty--oftentimes illegally
1986 movie with Tom Hanks and Shelley Long
The head honcho of a specific section of a casino
Tell someone what to do; give orders; dominate the situation
Nearby; 'Within the parameters of this small city'
A building usually used for a city's business and/or public assembly
What a high schooler might need to go to his or her locker
To flatulate
Jupiter; Saturn; Uranus; Neptune, for example
A person or team that defeats a seemingly superior opponent
1974 song written by Freddie Mercury
Retired ocean liner first launched in 1934
The hyphenated Olsen twin
Ironically, she might be most famous for her appearance in Almost Famous
Waterway that runs through New York and New Jersey
The coypu; or a habitué of the above clue/answer
Group of actors originally led by Humphrey Bogart
Donkey; mule; camel, for example
1945 dystopian George Orwell work
Like eggs or vegetables just purchased from an agriculturer
Drinkable liquid--unlike it's counterpart from the sea (and to complete the circle!)

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