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Can you name the following bands/artists, based on their 'alternative' names?

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'Alternative' NameBandDebut Album
Typically, the sharps and flats on a piano2002
An evening consisting of a trio of canines1968
Nude Dames1992
Barbaric Flower bed1997
The Cops1978
The one after length, width, height and time?1966
The Sunflower State1974
Contorted Female sibling1982
The Undead1965
The Portals1967
The Murderers2004
No government Coterie2005
'Alternative' NameBandDebut Album
Wonderland adventurer Bound by fetters1990
Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter1962
A decade Later1967
Largelad Lanky1996
Sightless Trust1969
Zero Skepticism1992
Verdant Period from dawn til dusk1990
Inexpensive Illusion1977
Beware this day, Caesar1970
Latrine, M.D.1968

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