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Can you answer the following questions about the TV show LOST? (see game notes)

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What is the name of Claire's baby?A
What adoptive father of Alex is also the main antagonist in the series?B
What main character was once addicted to heroin?C
What is the above answer's band called?D
What infiltrator, who was not on the manifest, was killed by Charlie?E
What number did Jack (and later Kate) count to, in order to dispel fear?F
What horticultural component does Sun create and tend throughout various scenes in the series?G
Who won $114 million in the lottery?H
On what geographical feature did Flight 815 crash?I
Which character is a spinal surgeon?J
Which character was escorted onto the plane by a US Marshal?K
Which character was confined to a wheelchair prior to the plane crash?L
Who was obsessed with getting his boy off the island?M
What is Sawyer famous for giving people instead of their real names?N
What do the castaways refer to the group that was already living on the island as?O
Over what ocean did the plane crash?P
What is the surname of the Frenchwoman who has been stranded on the island for 16 years?R
Who was a former member of the Republican Guard in Iraq?S
In what state was Sawyer living when he lost both his parents?T
Stations such as The Swan and The Pearl were constructed mostly where?U
What is the dog's name?V
What is the name of the 10-year-old boy that eventually gets kidnapped?W

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The answers in this quiz are definitely cities, at least that much we can be certain of.
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