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Can you name the rock songs by their 'alternative' name?

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'Alternative' NameSongArtist
Casualty of Passion
Yours truly'd Have aspirations of altering the Planet
Dost Thee Possess vibes Akin to the way All of us Conduct ourselves
Full of undue suspicion
Corpulent Backsided Damsels
Grin In a way Thy intend to
Clutch The noggin that belongs to you Skyward
The Foreigner
Dashin' Berserk
Moment relating to A period of the year that astronomically begins on an equinox or solstice
A zodiacal constellation known as 'The Twins'
Inferno Cranked to the greatest setting
'Alternative' NameSongArtist
The Rational Ballad
Darling Sir Fairyland
Philharmonic fleeing
Unpigmented, Debate
Female 'Like a Prayer' singer
Provide my person with, slangly, A trio of Footfalls
Belgian-style beer made by MillerCoors representing Fort Knox's State
Desolate Be the Evening
Combat the Benevolent Skirmish
Waltzing Within the Radiance of Earth's natural satellite
All of us're a Troupe from the United States

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