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Can you name the rock songs by their 'alternative' name?

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'Alternative' NameSongArtist
Almost Misplaced Thee
Aligned, say, four discs of the same color in the classic Milton Bradley board game
The Memorandum
Unimpeded Avian creature
Domiciles Pertaining to the Devout
Specimen enclosed by a Pickle container
Progeny relating to Helios' domain
The Heaviness
An additional Masonry block Within the confines of the Partition (Initial Portion)
Yours truly Is unable to Make clear
Papa's spouse Informed Yours truly (It would be inadvisable to Show up)
An additional First number Chomps The Fine dry particles
'Alternative' NameSongArtist
Son of God who is a US citizen
Female significant other who is no longer in the relationship
Dwelling concerning the Ascending Self-luminous star
Lucifer Traveled Toward a lower position In the direction of The state that houses the world's busiest airport
Schleppin' The Strand
Dire, compelling, imperative, pressing, etc.
Seize Myself from The opposite of in
In whatever manner Thee Desire the inanimate object
Blossoms At no point in time Bow Alongside the Drizzledrop
Homeless Feline Swagger
Pachyderm Skeleton components
Adult female whose original location was Japan's capital

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