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Can you name the rock songs by their 'alternative' name?

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'Alternative' NameSongArtist
Murderous Matriarch
Correct Location Erroneous Moment
Exhaust Upon the H20
Enchanted Rug Excursion
Lousy Guests
Have Intercourse One more time
Iron forger's tool
Alabaster Marriage, 1st Sec.
The phenomenon that precedes thunder Violently collides
Lengthy, Lengthy Means in relation to Usual residence
Conceal Within the Turtle covering That belongs to you
'Alternative' NameSongArtist
Enemy of Rodan, Mothra, etc.
Stroll upon the Feral Facet
Self-regard along with Happiness
Mail A Tiny Keepsake of Affection
Esotropic Mother of Jesus
Final Smooch
Keyboard Guy
Buddy (Resembles a Female)
1/4 of 100 but maybe the square root of 36 toward the difference between 3 and 7
I'm Able to Behold Distances that are 1.6 kilometers away

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