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Can you name the Jacksonian Democracy?

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What was the nickname of the Bank of the US(hint: not 'BUS')
What Northern delegate argued against the idea of states rights in the south?
Name the third political party that emerged after the Democratic and Whig parties?
When removing money out of the Bank of the US, Jackson placed it into smaller banks called...?
What was the name of the worst depression in America until the Great Depression?
What election finally elected a Whig candidate for president?
Who was the winner elected*(from question above)?
What 2 groups of people started the first major immigration wave during this time period?
What was the name of the free black men that worked in the north under terrible conditions and pay?
What was the biggest acomplishments of the Transportation and Commutal revolution?
What major mailing service reulted from this*(related to question above)?
Who broke into a British facility to steal plans for a new textile mill and launched american industry?
What was he dressed as*(see question above)?
What was the name of the Jackson's cabinet after he replaced his original one due to the Peggy Eaton affair(Hint: they often came into the white house through the kitchen)

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