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Forced Order
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The White Whale
Often considered the worst US President
Famous for her sex tape and butt
Made billions in real estate; political aspirations
The piano man
Is 'winning'
Allegedly designed the American flag
Creator of objectivism
To the Gulag!
Richest man in America
Fly like a butterfly...
Oldest person to ever live (allegedly)
Most beautiful woman to ever live (allegedly)
Cannibalism at its finest
Tricky Dick
Social Contract
Quit judging on American Idol after one year...
Drove his Chevy to the Levee
Cheated, but not at golf
She can see Russia from her house
Allegedly the son of God
Living a teenage dream
Created one of the most successful movie franchises in history
(S)he was born this way
The King of Pop
Creator of the #1 Social Network
Gospel of Wealth
5'1 Hearthrob
Pennsylvania 6-5000!
Dictatorship of the Proletariat

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