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Can you name the slang terms used by Las Vegas residents and regular visitors?

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DefinitionSlang Term
Locked box located on live gambling tables where dealers deposit paper money
Baccarat supervisor
One who cheats in a casino
Gambler who chases his/her losses (#1)
Gambler who chases his/her losses (#2)
Gambler who chases his/her losses (#3)
Gratuity or tip; particularly to dealers
Gambler who is so wealthy that he/she will routinely lose millions of dollars without batting an eye
Wealthier gambler who bets large sums of money, but not quite to the level of a gambler in the previous clue
Container from which several decks of cards are dealt which prevents the dealer from handling cards
Device that holds the gaming chips on gaming tables
Casino catering to gamblers that make small bets (#1)
Casino catering to gamblers that make small bets (#2)
Casino catering to gamblers that make large bets
$25 gaming token
$100 gaming token
$25,000 gaming token
Amount of money an individual has to gamble with
Sum total of ones winnings
House (casino) profit from all the wagers
Where a casino keeps its money
The casino employee area behind the table games
The room where sports and race bets are made
The mimimum or maximum bet accepted at a gaming table
Intersection of Tropicana Ave. and Las Vegas Blvd. and the properties at its corners
DefinitionSlang Term
This is used by a wealthier gambler like an IOU
A free gift from the casino, usually as a result of gambling or spending a certain amount of money
A particular type of the clue listed above, usually given to bigger spenders or gamblers
One who has the authority to issue any of the three above clues
A winning gambler who doesn't tip
A gambler who is unpleasant to the dealer
A group of wealthier gamblers flown in on a chartered plane by the casino
The stretch of Las Vegas Boulevard that is roughly between Sahara Avenue and Russell Road
People who distribute cards that advertise 'girls in your room'
The exchanging of smaller demonitaion gaming tokens for an equivalent amount in larger demoniations
Dealer who moves the dice around on a craps table with a hook-shaped stick
One-way mirror surveillance in the casino area
The light at the top of a slot machine
The tactic a taxi driver uses taking passengers along a longer, and thus more expensive, path to a destination
A day/night of the week a showroom is closed or a show is not playing
The container found at the base of older slot machines where coins are held
The condition that entertainers get because of the dry air in Las Vegas
Strippers that travel to Las Vegas to perform on the weekends
The Nevada Gaming Control Board's list of persons prohibited from entering a casino anywhere in Nevada
Slot machines linked across the state, offering large jackpots
Where old, no longer used neon signs are stored
When a gambler's wager amounts and time are measured, he/she is.....
Person hired to sit at an otherwise empty gaming table to attract gamblers
Tickets to shows and sporting events set aside to award wealthier gamblers
Waiters/Waitresses who also sing and/or dance

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