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Can you name the terms/phrases that contain the name of a nationality (Example: FRENCH bread)?

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Wall Of Voodoo song 'on a wavelength far from home'
Pasturized dairy product, often sliced
3/4 ounces each of vodka and Kahula
Oral sign of affection that utilizes the tounge
This record label's most successful artists include Johnny Cash, Slayer, Danzig, and Tom Petty
An early song from the Cure with a rather violent title
Breed of dog developed originally for herding sheep
Breakfast fare utilizing toast, eggs, and sugar
Punk band formed in 1978 ('Gas Chamber')
Song by Immortal Technique concerning 'white powder'
A type of feminine bikini hair removal
A type of a pork based breakfast item
Name of military faction mentioned in a Beatles song
Add cream to the third item on this list
GWAR might sing this while libating
This ended with the signing of the Treaty of Paris
Thomas' breakfast bread
'Demonic' Looney Toons character
Paying seperately on a date
Type of board game played on a board with a six pointed star
New wave song by The Vapors
Strain of marijuana from the Caribbean
First song on Violent Femmes' fifth studio album
Der Wienerschnitzel offers this item made with mustard, pickle, and rye bread
A 'game' which involves placing a single bullet in a revolver, spinning the chamber, and pulling the trigger
The April 14, 1980 release by Judas Priest
New Jersey based manufacturer and distrubitor of shoes and handbags
Fashion designer Christopher Wick's retail chain
Another name for a collection of cities on the west coast of a North American country
One who cleans a house or hotel in a possibly seductive outfit
Weird Al Yankovic's spoof of a Collio song
Leaether Strip's 1989 12 inch single release
A neighborhood in north-eastern Manhattan; also the title of a Ben E. King song
Small leafy green buds, which resemble miniature cabbages.
Part of a Camel cigarette blend
Green Day's Sept. 21, 2004 release
This hit by The Guess Who was later covered by Lenny Kravitz
Second largest luggage brand in the world
Pro wrestler 'Davey Boy' Smith's nickname
A poker game similar to five card stud in which players try to beat the house rather than other players
An emerald green beetle that shares its name with an aphrodisiac
An ecclesiastical tribunal started in 1478 by Catholic Monarchs Ferdinand II of Aragon and Isabella I of Castile
This runs from the Sierra Nevada Mountains to the San Francisco Bay
AMR Corporation is the parent of this transportation company
Tom Petty song that peaked at #40 in the UK
Dee Dee Ramone/Richard Hell song about heroin

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