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Today, I got lucky with a girl I've been trying to get lucky with since high school. I didn't have a need to use my automatic weapon. Life is good!
Today, I slipped out the back door and got away from that pesky landlady. I proceeded to the tavern for a triple shot of that juice. Life is good!
Today, despite being told I couldn't drink at the bar, I invited that girl upstairs for some champange. Life is good!
Today, actually the next day, I caught up with Bobbie Sue. We got the money and headed down south. Life Is good!
Today, I got two girls and a cold beer. My partners got the money and gold. Life is good!
Today, I'm doing well. The very good looking instructor needs to see me after classes are done today. Life is good!
Today, I went down to Texas and had some fun. I met some girls that gave a good time. Life is good!
Today, I was strapped to the electric chair. I heard a scream... it was just a dream. Whew! Life is good!
Today, despite feeling dead on my feet, I am now a free man. They better scratch me from that black book. Life is good!
Today, I bound to be one with thee. You're all I need. Life is good!
Today, I'm happy at home. You make me live. Life is good!
Today, I found my friends. I'm ugly, but so are you. Life is good!
Today, I can breathe for the first time. I'm so moving on. Life is good!
Today, I got lucky with a girl. She didn't have arms or legs. Whatever. I need a hole. I don't need hips. Life is good!
Today, I got busted with a rather large quantity of cocaine. But I made bail. That's the way it goes. Life is good!
Today, I finally got all that alcohol I couldn't afford as well as some new furniture. Life is good!
Today, while you were asleep, I had intercourse with your girlfriend. She called me 'daddy'. I smacked her on the rear. Life is good!
Today, I drove my dad's T-Bird to the hamburger stand. Wasn't I supposed to be somewhere? The library, perhaps? Whatever, life is good!
Today, I was in between the sheets. I had some sweets. I kept what I saw. Life is good!
Today, she was getting low. She asked for another dance. How am I supposed to leave? Life is good!
Today, I got this feeling you were going to stay. I didn't know that it could happen this way. Life is good!
Today, I hung out with the guys. My girlfriend didn't seem to mind. My lack of endowment dosen't seem to be an issue either. Life is good!
Today, I finally got that car (a '41- not a '59) and I got that girl. Life is good!
Today, I got you. I can relate to sugar and spice. Life is good!
Today, I felt a pinprick. The pain is gone. That will keep me going for the show. Life is good!
Today, she keeps her eyes to herself. I can still look at someone else. Life is good!
Today, my vision seems to have improved. The storm system is passing by. Life is good!
Today, she's walking down my street. She comes up to my house and makes me feel alright. Life is good!
Today, I bought a '30 Ford wagon. I'm going somewhere where there is a 2 to 1 female to male ratio. Life is good!
Today, after saving my friend from certain death, I picked up a car full of girls. Next stop: Eastside Motel. Life is good!

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