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What happened to Mr. Duvall over the summer?
What does the German teacher yell at Cady to do?
Why didn't Cady's parents keep homeschooling her?
Fill in the blank 'If North Shore was ___ ______ they would always be on the cover.'
Regina has two designer purses. What brand are they?
What kind of car does Regina drive?
The girls who don't eat anything are all sharing one thing for lunch, what is it?
Cady doesn't want to have sex with Jason, Regina says it's settled so he can go do what?
What is the first thing Aaron Samuels says to Cady?
On what day are the Plastics allowed to wear jeans or track pants?
What sport does Aaron play?
Who is the only guy that calls Ms. Norbury's house?
What color bra is Regina wearing when Janis cuts holes in her shirt?
Which of the Plastics was not nominated for Spring Fling Queen?
What snack did Cady get for the party?
What is the name of Karen's cousin that is a good kisser?
What is Damian's curfew?
What are North Shore's school colors?
What school did North Shore High compete against in the Mathletes State Championship?
What sport did Regina join?

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