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What is Kurt's middle name?
Joe has named each dread lock after what?
In season 4, Jake and Puck get matching tattoos of what?
Where are the tattoos located?
Which three other characters get tattoos that are seen on the show?
Who told Jesse to date and ultimately break up with Rachel?
Marley Rose waited in line for 6 hours to see what?
Name one of the two guests who first appeared on Fondue For Two
What is Brittany's cat's name?
Burt gets Rachel and Kurt a Christmas Tree ornament for their first Christmas in NYC, and it's shaped like what?
How old was Finn when he died?
What is Sam's stripper name?
Who did Finn lose his virginity to?
What is Wade/Unique's last name?
What is Tina's superhero alter ego called?
Artie and Rory fight over which Glee girl?
What college does Quinn go to?
Which months did Sam pose for in The Men of McKinley Calendar?
Who convinces Rachel not to pose nude in a student film?
What play did Kurt star in at the nursing home?
Name one of the 2012 prom ideas Brittany vetoes
How many times has Emma been engaged?
What did Sue name her daughter?
Where do Rachel and Brody first meet?
In what city is Carmel High located?
How many characters appear in every episode of the show?
Who actually stole Finn's jacket when he passed away?
True or False; no Taylor Swift song was ever performed on Glee
Who keeps a picture of Quinn in his or her locker?
What is Quinn's full name?
Name one Disney song that has been sung on the show
What is the first song we ever hear Darren Criss perform as Blaine?
What song do Sunshine and Rachel sing together in the girls' bathroom?
When Mike Chang is hungover in season 2 episode 14 'Blame It On the Alcohol' his mom thinks he has the flu and makes him drink what?
Name Sam Evans' six ex-girlfriends in alphabetical order
What is the name of the coffee house that the characters frequently visit?
What is Ryder's weakness?
What is the name of Emma's wheelchair-bound niece?
What was Sue's sister's name?
How many Glee Project Contestants have appeared on Glee?

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