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Can you name the Star Wars: The Old Republic Things?

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Jedi, Force, Ruins 
Sith, Force, Temples 
Civil War, Blasters, Crime 
Hutts, Crime Lords, Pollution 
City, Republic, Senate 
Empire, Capital, Dark Council 
Kotor, Rakghoul, Ruins 
City, Bright Lights, Hutts 
War-torn, Occupied, Manufacturing 
Beautiful. Killiks, Destroyed 
Business, Strategic, Core World 
Lightsaber, Crystal, Ice 
Prison, Hotspots, Ice 
Desert, Blue Milk, Tusken Raider 
Mystics, Racism, Gormaks 
Toxic, Desert, Adrenals 
Ice, AT-AT, Starship Graveyard 
Cartel, Isotope 5, Hutts 
Playable Species
Populous, Widespread, Adaptable 
Robotic, Altered, Enhancements 
Horns, Facial Patterns, Iridonia 
Greenish, Face Tattoos, Luminara Unduli 
Head Tails, Ryloth, Dancers 
Blind, Alpherides, Force Vision 
Red, Ziost, Pure 
Feline, Savannah Planet, Fur 
Blue, Csilla, Empire Aligned 
Grey, Underground, Black Markings 
Base Class
Melee, Lightsaber, Luke 
Force, Telikinetic, Yoda 
Infantry, Blaster Rifles, Armor 
Blaster Pistols, Shady Business, Han Solo 
Dark Side, Darth Vader, Melee 
Lightning, Palpatine, Corruption 
Jetpack, Fire, Boba Fett 
Sniper Rifle, Covert, Operative 
Advanced Class
Damage, Watchman, Combat 
Tank, Vigilance, Defence 
Healing, Seer, Telikinetics 
Rogue, Kinetic Combat, Infiltration 
Tank, Tactics, Shield Specialist 
Healing, Gunnery, Combat Medic 
Healing, Sawbones, Scrapper 
Damage, Saboteur, Sharpshooter 
Tank, Vengeance, Combat Immortal 
Damage, Carnage, Annihilation 
Rogue, Deception, Darkness 
Healing, Lighting, Corruption 
Tank, Shieldtech, Advanced Prototype 
Healing, Arsenal, Bodyguard 
Healing, Concealment, Medic 
Damage, Marksmanship, Engineering 
Gathering Skill
Old, Ancient, Discovery 
Plants, Genetic, Samples 
Metals, Junk, Parts 
Information, Cash, Lockboxes 
Crafting Skill
Armor, Soldiers, Metal 
Weapons, Soldiers, Parts 
Medical, Serums, Implants 
Droids, Mods, Gadgets 
Force-Users, Armor, Weave 
Force-Users, Lightsabers, Shields 
Mission Skill
Allegiance, Negotiation, Prototypes 
Information, Schematics, Sherlock Holmes 
Lockboxes, Pirates, Gold Dubloons 
Seedy, Ilegal, Merchants 

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