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Can you name the plants and flowers of Greek mythology?

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When Adonis was slain by a wild boar, Aphrodite created what flower from his blood?
When Zeus transformed himself into a bull, what type of flower did he breathe from his mouth to lure Europa?
After stealing fire from Olympus, Prometheus hid the fire in the stalk of what herb?
Which flower takes its name from the goddess of the rainbow?
What type of tree did Daphne transform herself into to escape Apollo's amorous advances?
Odysseus encountered a tribe of men addicted to the honey-sweet fruit of what tree?
Which herb derives its name from the nymph that boasted to Hades that she was superior to his queen, Persephone?
The star-crossed lovers, Pyramos and Thisbe, secretly met under the shade of what tree, which later would change color after soaking up their blood?
The goddess Nemesis forced a vainful youth to gaze at his own reflection until he wasted away and turned into which flower?
Athena was awarded dominion of Athens by Zeus after creating what tree, deemed by Zeus to be the best gift to humanity?
What type of tree did Leto cling to while giving birth to Apollo on the island of Delos?
What type of tree did the nymph Pitys transform herself into to escape the god Pan?
After being abducted by Hades, Persephone refused to eat until Hades tempted her with the seed of what fruit?
What type of tree (or shrub) shaded the infant Hermes while he was being nursed?
Which tree takes its name from a princess, who was forced by Aphrodite to fall in love with her own father after she dared compare her beauty to that of the goddess?
Which plant's leaves were used to hide the infant Dionysos from his jealous stepmother Hera?
The earth-goddess Gaia created what type of tree as a wedding gift to Hera?
Which tree is said to have sprung from the castrated genitals of a hermaphroditic deity named Agdistis?
After handsome Hyakinthos was slain by the god Zephyros, Apollo caused which flower to spring from Hyakinthos' blood, later inscribing on the leaves the words, 'Alas, alas'?

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