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Igneous rocks that form at depth.
A term for molten rock once it reaches the surface.
This term refers to the process by which sediments are transformed into solid sedimentary rocks.
Basaltic rocks contain a high percentage of dark silicate minerals, so geologists refer to them as what?
Molten rock generated by partial melting of rocks in Earth's mantle.
The formation of one or more secondary magmas from a single parent magma is called what?
These are produced from preexisting igneous, sedimentary, or other metamorphic rocks.
This term means 'to change form.'
These type of rocks typically develop in environments where deformation is minimal.
This is a rock composed of unusually large crystals.
Rocks that are left from molten lava that have large crystals embedded in a matrix of smaller crystals have this texture.
During mountain building, great quantities of rock are subjected to directed pressures and high temperatures called what?
This allows us to see many of the interactions among the processes of the Earth system.
Broken down particles.
This type of rock is created through weathering, gravity, and erosional agents.
Layers that are the single most characteristic feature od sedimentary rocks.
Describes the overall appearance of a rock, based on the size and arrangement of its interlocking crystals.
Peridotite is composed mostly of dark silicate materials, so its chemical composition is what type of composition?
Some fluid during solidification moves along the fractures or bedding planes, where it cools and precipitates the metallic ions to produce what?
Rocks containing voids are said to display what?

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