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Rocks with a composition between granitic and basaltic rocks.
Rocks that contain substantial dark silicate minerals and calcium-rich plagioclase feldspar.
Shows the sequence in which minerals crystalize from magma.
Eocks that solidify after being a soluble material produced by chemical weathering.
When large masses solidify far below the surface, they form igneous rocks that display what?
This may take place when a rock is intruded by magma.
Occurs when the earlier formed minerals are more dense than the liquid portion and sink toward the bottom of the magma chamber.
Sediments may originate as solid particles from weathered rocks. These particles and the sedimentary rocks they form are what?
An important type of accumulation generated by hydrothermal activity. These ores are distributed as minute masses throughout the entire rock mass.
Remaining deposits of the waters of the bay.
Igneous rocks that form when molten rock solidifies at the surface.
A term derived from feldspar and silica.
Igneous rocks that form rapidly at the surface or as small masses within the upper crust have what?
Refers to any planer arrangement of mineral grains or structural features within a rock.
The traces or remains of prehistoric life.
During some volcanic eruptions, molten rock is ejected into the atmosphere. Rapid cooling may cause a rock to have what type of texture?
Igneous rocks have what type of composition?
Among the best-known and most important ore deposits are generated from what?
These rocks forms as magma, cools, and crystallizes.

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