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Can you name the Spongebob Characters by the episode specific clues?

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Can play music with a gum wrapper
Gives a large wad of gum as a present
At one time, is called Miss Tufsy
Is a fantastic lifeguard
Nails a dance audition and does back-up dancing for his rival
Wants the band 'Boys Who Cry' to play at her party
Once used a coin on a string in order to get a free soda
Is found riding a bull frog at a rodeo
Was in the car when Patrick got his license
Wired Integrated Female Electroencephalograph
Created by spongebob from soapy water as companion
Originally going to be named debbie
Hid pickles under his tongue
Lost to Spongebob in a patty cook-off
Puts vegetation on Spongebob and Patrick to make them think they have mustaches
Compliments his own long eye brow hair
Got accidentally blown up by his puppet bird companion

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