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Altered TitleMovie Title
The Lightless mounted soldier serving in the Middle Age
The state of no sound of the adolescent quadrupedal ruminant mammals
The time between birth and death occupied by an insect
A form of a literary work most likely read to a child before bed about inanimate child's play things
A very cold form of precipitation the extreme end of the visual spectrum and the several short people
The groups usually associated with violence of the 3rd most populous state, found in northeast U.S
One who is considered to have a nice appearance and the one who is large, hairy, and frightening
The inner workings of a device that tells time, numerically between red and yellow
Giant gas ball conflicts carried on by force of arms: the apparition that threatens doing evil
The emperor of the circular jewelry: the pair of tall architectural structures
Altered TitleMovie Title
The selective group of people who participate in bare knuckle brawling
People who are the stealers of the valuable chest that no one can find
The people who are commonly accused due to the probability that they may have committed the crime at hand
The end of the world occurring at this current moment
The people who bring things to an end a second time: the particular date in which a final decision is made
The never ending beams of light of the perfectly clear subconscious
The return to a point in time that has not yet happened
A minority of people find their comfort zone in an atmosphere of above high temperatures
One year after the twenty first century began: a series of wanderings in the final frontier
Instructions to assist in teaching your large medieval reptilian companion

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