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intestinal perforation shock, sepsis, gram-negative meningitis hemorrhagic pneumonia eosinophilia often absent
Syndrome: painful swallowing in an HIV patient
Fungal tx; SE of adrenal excess
Larva currens
Parvo in Immmunocompromised pt:
What do hookworms and ascaris and strongyloides have in common
Treatment of CMV
Empyema post surgical –
Alcoholic with apical lower lobe or upper lobe infiltrate –
Before starting a patient from the developing world on steroids, you check the stool for what?
Prophylaxis of RSV
RSV in the spring
CNS problems with pulm manifestation
3. Sore throat + fever + rash that doesn’t desquamate…
Pneumonia in CF
A 35 y/o avid outdoorsman presents with muscle swelling and splinter hemorrhages in his nailbeds. Name that worm.
GMS or immunoflourescent stain of sputum obtained by BAL:
5. Sore throat, really bad breath, +/- swelling in submandibular area…
pyrophosphate analog; doesnt require posphorylation by anything. CMV
Larvae (NOT EGGS) seen in stool. Corticosteroids would be a bad idea. Name that worm.
HSV drug assoc w/ TTP/HUS
Treatment of HSV 1 and 2 and VZV
Spread by rat excrement:
Young person infected w/ HBV: likely to be acute or chronic?
Fresh water. Cercariae. Skin penetration. Name that worm.
What syndrome: facial pain, sinus tenderness, purulent nasal discharge, HA, cough…
Pneumonia in neutropenic from chemo, leukemia, GvHD, AIDS with CD
41-year old male presents to the ER following a seizure. Physical exam reveals oral thrush and cervical lymphadenopathy. An MRI of his brain shows a single contrast enhancing lesio
Pruritic serpentine rash
Mechanical ventilation in hospital in elderly or alcoholic
Funci dx with Complement fixation titer:
gram negative diplococcus in the lung
4. Winter, 3 m/o w/ respiratory distress? Bronchiolitis.
Why no corticosteroids for larva currens?
Parvo in hemoglobinopathy (sickle cell; hereditary sphero)
ELISA for galactomannan or beta glucan:
phosphorylated by TK, guanosine analog, incoporated into DNA chain , which leads to DNA chain termination
Pneumonia is burn victim
CMV drug associated w/ electrolyte abnormalities
If foscarnet fails, use
gram negative diploccocus in CSF

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