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Can you name the Proto-oncogenes (Goljan Table 8-3)?

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Point mutation of this PO causes leukemia and carcinomas on LUNG, COLON, and PANCREAS
PO in osteosarcoma and atrocytoma
Mutation in SIS
mutation in Neuroblastoma
Type of mutation in HER
translocation in CML
PO product fxns in GTP signal transduction
PO product is a nonreceptor tyrosine kinase
PO in Neuroblastoma
type of mutation in CML
PO in MEN 2a and 2b
P.O. of aggressive breast carcinoma
PO in Burkitts
PO product fxns in nuclear transcription
Type of mutation in Burkitts
Type of RAS mutations
Protooncogene of CML
9;22 translocation
8:14 translocation
RAS and RET have what type of mutations

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