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Can you name the Paraneoplastic Syndromes (Goljan Tables 8-7 and 8-8)?

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cough, muscle weakness, hyponatremia
Migrating petechiae
Name cancer: muscle weakness from antibody directed against calcium channel
hyPOcalcemia (abbrev)
Syndrome caused by SMALL cell of lung and MTC
Cushingoid or hypocalcemia (abbrev)
hypercalcemia or polycythemia (abbrev)
Can cause NBTE (2 types, no comma)
Name cancer: Sudden appearance of numerous pigmented seborrheic keratoses
Lung breast and stomach carcinomas can cause this syndrome
LAB FINDING in malignant lymphoma
LAB FINDING in RCC, primary SQUAMOUS cell carcinoma of lung, breast carcinoma
periosteal rxn of distal digit; CLUBBING
cough, muscle weakness, HTN, hyperglycemia
Name cancer: black, verrucoid appearing lesion
Cancers secreting this can cause STERILE vegetations on mitral valve
Disorder in RCC and HCC

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