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Can you name the Chemical Carcinogens (Goljan Table 8-5)?

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MINER-> bronchogenic carcinoma
chemo->TCC of urinary bladder
Hepatocellular carcinoma in association with ASPERGILLUS and hepatitis B virus
dyes->TCC of urinary bladder
SCC of oropharynx and upper/middle esophagus; pancreatic and HCC
metal worker->Bronchogenic carcinoma
Pesticides->SCC of skin, lung cancer, liver angiosarcoma
Bronchogenic carcinoma, pleural mesothelioma
Clear cell carcinoma of vagina/cervix (acronym)
Habit can cause mouth/lung SCCs, TCCs, ACCs distal esophagus
Toxin in smoke/car exhaust
GLUES, paint, nail polish->acute leukemia
Malignant lymphoma (like from chemo)
polyvinyl chloride, thorotrast, arsenic cause

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