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main side effect of acetazolamide
Increases cGMP-> smooth muscle relaxation/Vasodilates ARTERIOLES>veins
Nonselective, ALPHA blocking (vasodilatory) beta blockers
Which antiarrhythmic class is CONTRAINDICATED POST MI (proarrhythmic!)?
Nifedipine's class
BETA BLOCKERS which antiarrhythmic class?
COUGH and ANGIOEDEMA are the most common side effects of
Malignant HTN treatment that can cause HYPERGLYCEMIA (reduced insulin secretio
Beta blockers for SVT (supraventricular tachycardia)
Procainamide's class
amlodipine's class
Major side effect of CCBs
Main side effect of bile acid resins
Which antiarrhythmic class PROLONGS THE AP, and Increases the EFFECTIVE REFRACTORY PERIOD and QT INTERVAL?
furosemide + aminoglycoside = (this side effect)
First line for HTN in PREGNANCY
verapamil's class
First line for Prinzmetal's angina
cholesterol ABSORPTION blocker
Receptor AGONIST at D1 receptor (kidney VASCULATURE)
drug class of triamterene
Digoxin's class
Does HCTZ cause HYPER or HYPO calcEMIA?
Drug can cause CYANIDE TOXICITY by releasing cyanide
This class reduces muscle contractility by blocking voltage gated L-TYPE Ca2+ channels
This class inhibiits the Na/K/2Cl cotransporter in the ascending loop
Which class of antiarrhythmics INCREASES THE PR INTERVAL?
New treatment for acute decompensated heart failure
drug class of spironolactone
diltiazem's class
Best CCB for heart tissue
First line for uncomplicated, essential HTN
Increases cGMP by via direct release of Nitric Oxide
Quinidine's class
-tilide's are in which antiarrhythmic class?
Competitive aldosterone receptor antagonist
contraindicated in cardiogenic shock
class of cholestyramine/colestipol/colesevelam
Which antiarrhythmic class is BEST POST MI?
Vasodilator that dilates VEINS> arteries-> reduces preload
Best CCB for smooth muscle
beta blocker for glaucoma
Unique side effect of hydralazine
Only CCB contraindicated for ARRHYTHMIAS
Patient with compensated CHF (on loop diuretic) has gradual onset, nagging big toe pain. Etiology?
Which class of antiarrhythmics suppresses abnormal pacemakers by SLOWING DOWN PHASE FOUR (4)?
First line for Raynaud's syndrome
Drug blocks Na channels in the cortical collecting duct
Lidocaine's antiarrhythmic class
TORSADES DE POINTES with which antiarrhythmic class
Hydralazine contraindicated in...
Which antiarrhythmic class SHORTENS THE AP?
This side effect is NOT present in ARBs (vs ACE inhibitors)
Patient has CHF (and needs loop diuretic) but had previous reaction to sulfamethoxazole (a SULFA DRUG). Give what drug?
Sotalol/bretylium/AMIODARONE's antiarrythmic class
Statins + fibrates= (this side effect)
Recombinant ANP
Clonidine and methyldopa good for hypertensive patient with what comorbidity?
Cinchonism (headache, tinnitus)
Drug associated with 'Monday Disease'
Drug inhibits lipolysis in adipose tissue; REDUCED HEPATIC VLDL SECRETION
closes PDA
Furosemide's class
Drug upregulates lipoprotein lipase to increase TG clearance (VLDL breakdown)
Drug inhibits NaCl reabsorption in the early DCT
Drug inhibits Na/K pump-> kills gradient Na/Ca antiporter uses to drive Ca out of the cell-> increase intracellular Ca2+
drug class of amiloride
keeps PDA patent
Does furosemide cause HYPER or HYPO calcEMIA?
HMG-CoA reductase inhibitors
First line for HTN in a diabetic
Vasodilator that dilates ARTERIES> veins-> reduces after load
Which antiarrhythmic is BEST FOR SVT?
Use BETA-1 SELECTIVE beta blockers in patient with what comorbidity?
Class ONE antiarrhythmics block
Diuretic inhibits carbonic anhydrase

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