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Toll tax is an example of what principle of taxation?
Name the 1st out of the 3 criteria for effective taxes.
'The more money made, the higher percentage of tax' is an example of______tax.
People are taxed to______wealth.
Another name for sales tax is______tax.
The tax is shifted to consumer when demand is______.
Taxes are put in place to______certain behaviors.
Another name for flat tax is______ tax.
Who is the best economics teacher in the world?
Income tax is an example of what principle of taxation?
Who the tax burden actually falls on is the______ of a tax.
'..But in this world nothing can be said to be certain but death and taxes...' Who said this?
Public utility taxes are example of______ taxes.
Income taxes are an example of ______ taxes.
People are taxed to______certain industries.
What does FICA stand for?
The tax is shifted to producer when demand is______.
People are taxed to pay for______.
Name the 3rd out of the 3 criteria for effective taxes.
Name the 2nd out of the 3 criteria for effective taxes.
Money given from one level of government to another is called______.
What does FICA include?

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