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Forced Order
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fat main character
most normal main character
jewish main character
poor main character
replacement best friend
only black kid in the grade
apparent best-looking student
biggest troublemaker
can only say his own name
Brit that everyone hates
smartest student in the class
her boobs destroy society
the ultimate bully
spelling bee champ turned ****
son of the leader of hell
Professor Chaos' sidekick
high school musical stud
Tooth Fairy Mafia leader
has a lisp and diabetees
Cartman's halfbrother
bully the 4th graders
weird kids that have 'no soul'
drink coffee and smoke all day
flirty waiters
introduced in 'the List'
tech teacher
joins Super Adventure Club
replacement teacher
disabled in a fire
hot, lesbian substitute
undergoes sex change(s)
conjoined fetus lady
school counselor, mmkay
gay teacher's assistant
has love for a kindegartner
gay animal sanctuary leader
learns to read in 'Chickenlover'
builds Great Wall of South Park
shoots tresspassers on site
voice box
'It's coming right for us!'
mayor's assistant
little monkey guy
genetic engineer
leads the Free Hat campaign
token hick
detective who hates rich blacks
boyfriend in 'Over Logging'
cancerous hockey player
kind suitor to date hell's leader
friendly educational mascot
mean suitor to hell's leader
Canadian comdeian # 2
little African boy
Canadian comdeian # 1
guitar hero partner
Torsonic Polarity Syndrome
discovered father in '201'
**** mother
geologist father
uninterested by husband's crap
aggressive sister
103 years old
aunt gives fish as a gift
father lawyer
typical jewish mother
geeky cousin
poor alcoholic father
abused by her husband
strictest parents in South Park
parents own coffee business
odd father who loves theater
space thief
favorite stuffed animal
Grim Reaper parody
elephant makes love to this pig
fails to help in the spelling bee
handicapped turkey
annoying specie move to Paris
crowned gerbil king
Al Gore swears he is real
draws parallels to Willy Wonka
gigantic robot
don't look into its eyes!
hand puppet rebel
Christmas poo
teacher's puppet
replacement puppet
Patrick Duffy as a leg
descendent of Peter Rabbit
gay dog escapes to sanctuary
goldfish kills people
Chef's almost wife...
gets high constantly
whale is brought to the moon
walk like ___, talk like ___
identical immigrants
writers of the show 'Earth'
Family Guy episode writers
one word means all
Allied Atheist Alliance members
'What is phase 2?'
give birth to anti-christ
answers stan's big question
star of the show '____ and Pals'
dumb dumb dumb dumb
depicted as a glowing diamond
gets violent to save Christmas
compassionate leader of hell

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