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QUIZ: Can you name the Nba: Who Wants To Be A Millionaire??

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 A-Miami Heat B-Chicago Bulls C-LA Lakers D-Boston Celtics
 A-Kobe Bryant B-Shaquille O'neal C-Wilt Chamberlain D-LeBron James
 A-John Stockton B-Jason Kidd C-Magic Johnson D-Steve Nash
 A-Stephen Curry B-Larry Bird C-Michael Jordan D-Ray Allen
 A-5'6' B-5'5' C-5'3' D-5'2'
 A-Michael Jordan B-LeBron James C-Kareem Abdul-Jabbar D-Oscar Robinson
 A-Larry Bird B-LeBron James C-Yao Ming D-Hakeem Olajuwon
 A-1938 B-1940 C-1943 D-1946
 A-LA Lakers B-Chicago Bulls C-Boston Celtics D-New York Knicks
 A-Emeka Okafor B-Hakeem Olajuwon C-Dikembe Mutombo D- Luol Deng
 A-Juwan Howard B-Steve Nash C-Tim Duncan D-Kevin Garnett
 A-Kurt Rambis B-Scott Skiles C-Flip Saunders D-Alvin Gentry
 A-Chicago B-LA C-San Diego D-Orlando
 A-New York Knickerbockers B-Toronto Huskies C-Cleveland Rebels D-Minneapolis Lakers
 A-New York Knickerbockers B-Toronto Huskies C-Chicago Stags D-Washington Capitols

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