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Do you know your NBA?

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QuestionPlayer or Team
Which nba player has the most triple doubles?
Who holds the spurs franchise record for points in a game?
Which nba player has the most titles in nba history?
What team won the first nba title?
Who won the 2013-2014 scoring title?
Who is the tallest current nba player?
Who had the num.1 seed in the West in the 2013-2014 season?
What player from the chichago bulls got a quadruple double?
QuestionPlayer or Team
What owner got banned from the nba for life?
Who has the most rebounds in nba history?
Who won the first nba dunk contest?
Who was the 2014 nba all star MVP?
Who was named most improved player of the 2013-2014 nba season?
Who won the 2013-2014 defensive player of the year?
Who won the 2013-2014 coach of the year award?

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