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HintNameHint 2
ActressThe Blue Angel
AstronomerHeliocentric cosmology
ComposerDer Ring des Nibelungen
Automibile manufacturer and designerTiger I or Elefant
ComposerInception (soundtrack)
PhysicistFounder of the quantum theory
PhilosopherBeing and Time
Singer99 Luft Ballons
PhilosopherCritique of Pure Reason
Racing driverFormula 1
Racing driverFormula 1
PhilisopherThe Communist Manifesto
Philosopher and mathematicianRationalist
PhysicistElectromagnetic waves
ModelWas married with a famous magician
DictatorNazi leader
Model & actressSeal's wife
WriterThe Diary of a Young Girl
DirectorThe Million Dollar Hotel
WriterInspired Offenbach
PainterThe Elder
PainterThe Younger
ActressInglorius Bastards
ActressThe Bourne's Identity
DirectorThe Lives of Others
CyclistWon the Tour de France in 1997
SociologistThe Protestant Ethic and the Spirit of Capitalis
HintNameHint 2
SociologistThe Philosophy of Money
WriterThe Tin Drum
Political theoristHad a relationship with Heidegger
PhilosopherWorked with Marx on the Communist Manifesto
TheologistInitiated the Protestant Reformation
PhilosopherThe Phenomenology of Spirit
MusicianTokyo Hotel
PhilosopherThus Spoke Zarathustra
PainterKnight, Death and the Devil
ComposerToccata and Fugue
Fashion designerAlso famous for the fragrances
PoliticianActual chancellor
WriterDeath in Venice
WriterThe Reader
PoliticianChancellor from 1982 to 1998
ComposerMoonlight Sonata
Playwright and poetThe Threepenny Opera
FootballerDer Kaiser
WritersFamous collectors of fairy tales
MonarchQueen Victoria's husband
MusicianLeader of Rammstein
MonarchGerman Emperor and King of Prussia (1888–1918)
Basket Ball playerDallas Mavericks
InventorInvention of a flying engine
AstronomerLaws of planetary motion
PhysicistE=mc2 (born in germany but became an american citizen)
OtherHitler's mistress
PoliticianFirst democratically elected Federal Chancellor
PhilosopherOn the Fourfold Root of the Principle of Sufficient Reason
ActressThe Swimming-Pool (born in Vienna but considered as a German actress)
PoliticianChancellor from 1969 to 1974
HintNameHint 2
ComposerDer Rosenkavalier
DirectorIndependance Day
ComposerCarmina Burana
PainterPioneer of the Dada movement and Surrealism
PoliticianNazi head of the SS
InventorBlue jeans
InventorInventor of contact lenses
ComposerFamous for his 'Halleluja'
PoliticianImperial Chancellor from 1862 to 1890
MonarchRomy Schneider in a three movies
PhysicistInvented a temperature scale named after him
ComposerOne of the three Bs with Bach and Beethoven
Tennis playerAgassi's wife
InventorInvented a gas engine that allowed for a revolution in car design
PoliticianPropaganda chief for the Nazi Party
NeuropathologistIdentified the memory-loss ailment named after him
InventorInvented the first four-wheel automobile
PoliticialNazi, Reich Marshal and chief of Luftwaffe
Hockey playercurrently playing for the Vancouver Canucks
Tennis PlayerNickname: Boom Boom
BussinessmanFounder of Adidas
Architect'Hitler's architect', Minister of Armaments
Architect and designerFounded the famous German Bauhaus school of architecture and design
MonarchThe Mad. Neuschwanstein castle
ComposerFamous for his 'Canon'
Military governorNazi, Held Afrika Korps
WriterWilliam Tell
Scientist and philosopherNobel Peace Prize 1952
InventorInventor of the Diesel engine
Physicist and bacteriologistIsolated Bacillus anthracis and the Tuberculosis bacillus
ScientistNazi, The Angel of Death, performed medical experiment in Auschwitz-Birkenau

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