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Actor (1924–1996)A Special Day
Actress (born 1934)Two Women
Actress (born 1964)Persephone in Matrix Reloaded
Actress (born 1927)The Hunchback of Notre Dame
Actress (born 1975)Madame du Barry in Coppola's Marie Antoinette
Actor (born 1929)Partner of Terence Hill
Singer / Tenor (born 1958)Con Te Partiro
Singer (1935–2007)Greatest lyric tenor of his time
Opera Tenor (1873–1921)Famous Tenor
Politician (born 1936)Current Prime Minister of Italy
Painter, sculptor, inventor (1452–1519)Mona Lisa
Fashion designer (born 1934)Emporio
Actor (born 1939)Partner of Bud Spencer
Painter (1527–1593)Allegorical or symbolical compositions (with fruits and vegetables)
Painter (1445–1510)The Birth of Venus
Painter (1571–1610)The Entombment of Christ
Painter (1406-1469)Portrait of a Man and Woman at a Casement
Painter (1884–1920)Portrait of Chaim Soutine
Painter (1528–1588)The Wedding at Cana
Painter (1475–1564)Sistine Chapel
Painter (1518–1594)Finding of the body of St Mark
Painter (1490–1576)The Death of Actaeon
Photographer (born 1942)Benetton controversial campaign
Luthier (1644 –1737)Most famous and expensive violons
Car driver (1898–1988)Founder of the Scuderia
Fashion designer (1946-1997)Assassinated in 1997
Venetian Memoirist and adventurer (1725–1798)Womanizer
Writer (1919–1987)If This Is a Man
Singer (born 1967)Also French First Lady
Writer and scholar (born 1932)The Name of the Rose
HintNameHint 2
Writer (1923–1985)The Cloven Viscount
Writer, novelist and painter (1906–1972)The Tartar Steppe (1940)
Political philosopher and writer (1469–1527)The Prince
Scholar and Platonist philosopher (1463–1494)Oration on the Dignity of Man (1486)
Poet (1265–1321)The Divine Comedy
Philosopher and theologian (1225–1274)Summa Theologica
Composer (1858–1924)Toscan Turandot
Composer (1792–1868)The Barber of Seville
Composer (1813–1901)Rigoletto, Nabucco
SingerUna Storia importante
SingerBaila Morena
SingerLa Solitudine
SingerAlla Mia Eta
Explorer (1451–1506)1492
Explorer (1254–1324)Traveled in central Asia and China
Writer (1826 –1890)Pinocchio
Film director (born 1952)Life is Beautiful
Film director (1920–1993)Amarcord, La Strada
Film director (1929–1989)Spaghetti Western
Film director (1906–1976)La Terra Trema
Politician / dictator (1883–1945)Prime minister (1922–43)
Soldier and patriot (1807–1882)Contributed to the achievement of Italian unification
Politician (born 1939)president of the European Commission (1999–2004)
Composer (1678–1741)The Four Seasons
Physicist (1901–1954)Constructed the world's first nuclear reactor
Astronomer (1564–1642)Described heliocentric solar system
Physicist (1745–1827)Electricity pioneer
Composer (1567-1643)L'Orfeo
Painter and architect (1483–1520)The Coronation of the Virgin
businessman (1812–1905)Founder of a famous distillery (with Rossi)

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