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Forced Order
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Susanna's husband's name
Years of Shakespeare's Life
Why The Globe was closed
Plays William performed in himself
Subjects Shakespeare studied in grammar school
This theatre was taken down to make parts for The Globe
Who created 'The Theatre'?
Year when The Globe was closed
Eulogy of England's Virtues
Called William an 'upstart young crow'
Play often mistaken to be Shakespeare's last
Play written as tribute to James I
Minimum to get into a blackfriar play
Other Theatres Shakespeare used
Play written during plague years
Shakespeare's most famous character
2nd Biggest House in Stratford
When was 'The Theatre' created?
Settings most popular for Shakespeare's Plays
William's Wife
William's Kid's Names
Age of Hamnet when he died
When was The Globe constructed?
Occupations of John Shakespeare
Main thoroughfare in London
Shakespeare's mom's maiden name
Shakespeare's Greatest History Play
Other theatres Shakespeare used
The Globe's motto
William's occupations when he first got to London
Who created the Blackfriars?
Who Revolted vs. Elizabeth?
Shakespeare dedicated his sonnets to this person
When was the Blackfriars created?
Why The Theatre was closed down (what expired?)
What play was performed when The Globe burnt down, and what year?
Age of William and his spouse (in that order)
Who praised Shakespeare
Plays Falstaff performed in
Why William married his spouse
What year did Hamnet die? (Also when King John was written)
Play written as tribute to Queen Elizabeth
Shakespeare's first tragedy
Age of Queen Elizabeth when she died
Play Written for Lord Essex
Church where Shakespeare was baptised, children baptised, married, and buried
Shakespeare's Final Play
How a play was signaled to start
Othello's main theme
Year of Queen Elizabeth's Death
Acting troupe's Shakespeare was involved in
Were women allowed to act?
Queen Elizabeth's closest relative
Judith's husband's name
Other Theatres Shapespeare used
Shakespeare's Worst Play
First Roman (not romance!) play
Plague years
Patron Saint of England
Other theatres Shakespeare used
Only play with a black protagonist
Shakespeare's most SUCCessful play

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