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What is the actors name that plays Nick Miller?
In what year did New girl first air?
In 'the story of the 50' why does Schmidt have to put 50 dollars into the douchebag jar?
When Nick attempts lying, what happens to his body?
What is the drinking game the group often play?
Where does Winston play professional basketball before he moves back to the loft?
What is the actresses name that plays Jess Day?
Who mistakes Jess for their blind date (Katie) on their first meeting?
Who does Cece claim she lost her virginity to?
How many years are Nick and Schmidt celebrating living together in the episode 'Tinfinity'?
In Schmidts' re-branding party in the episode 'Re-launch', what is the 'predicted' theme of the party?
Which college girlfriend does Schmidt cheat on with Cece?
In the episode 'Halloween', what does Shelby go as to the haunted house?
What is the actors name that plays Schmidt?
What is the name of Nicks alter ego he brings to life when he suspects one of Jess' students in her writing class may be a psychotic killer?
Where does Coach move to with his girlfriend May?
Who does Nick decide not to move in with after unexpectedly spending the night in the desert with the gang?
What does Cece do for a living?
What convention do the gang attend in the episode 'Table 34'?
Who does Jess impersonate at Nicks dads funeral?
What is the name of the silent old man Nick befriends at the park?
Which character used to be fat in college?
What is the name of Winstons cat?
Who always goes way too big or way too small with pranks?
When Winston is due to receive his background check for the police academy, what drugs does Jess think she has in the loft?
What animal is set loose in the air ducts at Ceces' wedding?
What is the actors name that plays Winston?
In the episode 'parking spot', what is Winston desperate to find?
After Jess panics when Nick tells her he loves her, who's party do the guys crash?
Where is Jess' teacher boyfriend, Ryan from?
In the 'walk of shame' what is the name of the character Jess spends the night making up songs about woodland creatures with?
What is the name of Winstons' training officer
On Jess and Cece's walk of shame, which of Jess' ex boyfriends do they run into?
What is the name of Jess' 'Fancyman'?
What does Schmidt describe the loft as in the craigslist ad in the Pilot?
Which actress guest stars in 'the last wedding' when she and Jess compete for the attention of the best man?
With the help of Jess, what invention to Nick and Schmidt pitch to an entrepreneur when they go into business together?
Who finds out first that Schmidt and Cece are sleeping together?
What is the nickname of the officer conducting Winstons' background check?
What dating app does Jess ask for Schmidts help using?
Which of Schmidts childhood heroes does Nick pretend t be to get Schmidt out of his sullen mood?
What is the name of the pharmaceutical rep that moves in while Jess is on jury duty?
Who do the gang throw a honey roast?
What basketball team does Jess pretend to like in an attempt to bond with Coach?
What currency does Winston accidentally withdraw from the strip club when Coach returns?
In which state is New girl set?
What is the name of the actress that plays Cece Parekh?
What are Jess' parents names?
In the episode 'Kryptonite' who does Winston try ad trick into switching rooms with him
What is the name of the homeless man that lives outside the gangs building?
In the episode 'Jess and Julia', which two housemates find out they've been sharing the same towel?
What 'sex move' does Schmidt convince Jess to do with Nick in an attempt to break them up?
Who does Cece almost marry in 'Elaines big day'?
Which movie does Jess binge watch in her first week in the loft?
Who acts as a secretary when the gang get a landline?
What names does Schmidt give Ceces' breasts?
What is the name of Jess' sister
What is the name of the actor that plays Coach?
After Nick gets dumped by Kai, what does he decide to do for valentines day?
Where is Jess' hometown?

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