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Can you name the works referenced and alluded to in T.S. Eliot's 'The Waste Land'?

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Line(s) (#)Work ReferencedOriginal Author
Nam Sibyllam quidem Cumis ego ipse oculis meis vidi in ampulla pendere et cum illi pueri dicerent: Σίβυλλα τί θέλεις; respondebat illa: ἀποθανεῖν θέλωPetronius Arbiter
April is the cruellest month, breeding / Lilacs out of the dead land, mixing, / Memory and desire, stirring / Dull roots with spring rain. (1-4)Geoffrey Chaucer
Out of this stony rubbish? Son of man, (20)Prophet [Eponymous]
And the dead tree gives no shelter, the cricket no relief, (23)King Solomon
There is shadow under this red rock, (25)Prophet [Eponymous]
Frisch weht der Wind, / Der heimat zu. / Mein Irisch Kind, / Wo weilest du? (31-34)Richard Wagner
Oed' und leer das Meer. (42)Richard Wagner
Madame Sosotris, famous clairvoyante, / Had a bad cold, nevertheless / Is known to be the wisest woman in Europe, / With a wicked pack of cards. (43-47)Aldous Huxley
(Those are the pearls that were his eyes. Look!) (48)William Shakespeare
Unreal City, (60)Charles Baudelaire
I had not thought death had undone so many. / Sighs, short and infrequent, were exhaled, (63-64)Dante Alighieri
'Oh keep the Dog far hence, that's friend to man (75)John Webster
'You! hypocrite lecteur!—mon semblable,—mon frère!' (76)Charles Baudelaire
The Chair she sat in, like a burnished throne (77)William Shakespeare
Flung their smoke into the laquearia, (92)Virgil
As though a window gave upon the sylvan scene (98)John Milton
The change of Philomel, by the barbarous king (99)Ovid
The wind under the door. (118)John Webster
And we shall play a game of chess, / Pressing lidless eyes and waiting for a knock upon the door. (137-138)Thomas Middleton
Good night, ladies, good night, sweet ladies, good night, good night. (172)William Shakespeare
Sweet Thames, run softly, till I end my song. (176)Edmund Spenser
By the waters of Leman I sat down and wept... (182)King David
But at my back in a cold blast I hear (185)Andrew Marvell
And on the king my father's death before him. (192)William Shakespeare
But at my back from time to time I hear (196)Andrew Marvell
Line(s) (#)Work ReferencedOriginal Author
The sound of horns and motors, which shall bring / Sweeney to Mrs. Porter in the spring. (197-198)John Day
Et, O ces voix d'enfants, chantant dans la coupole! (202)Paul Verlaine
Twit twit twit / Jug jug jug jug jug jug / So rudely forc'd. / Tereu (203-206)John Lyly
I Tiresias, though blind, throbbing between two lives, / Old man with wrinkled female breasts, can see (218-219)Ovid
(And I Tiresias have foresuffered all / Enacted on this same divan or bed; / I who have sat by Thebes below the wall (245)Sophocles
And walked among the lowest of the dead.) (246)Homer
When lovely woman stoops to folly and / Paces about her room again, alone, / She smoothes her hair with automatic hand, / And puts a record on the grampophone. (253)Oliver Goldsmith
'This music crept by me upon the waters' (257)William Shakespeare
Weialala leia / Wallala leialala (277-278)Richard Wagner
Highbury bore me. Richmond and Kew / Undid me. By Richmond I raised my knees / Supine on the floor of a narrow canoe. (293-295)Dante Alighieri
To Carthage then I came / Burning burning burning burning / O Lord Thou pluckest me out / O Lord Thou pluckest / burning (307-311)Saint Augustine of Hippo
After the torchlight red on sweaty faces / After the frosty silence in the gardens / ... / He who was living is now dead / ... (322-330)Saint [Eponymous] [Various]
When I count, there are only you and I together / But when I look ahead up the white road / There is always another one walking beside you / ... (360-365)Saint [Eponymous]
What is that sound high in the air (366)Herman Hesse
Only a cock stood on the rooftree / Co co rico co co rico (391-392)Saint [Eponymous] [Various]
Or in memories draped by the beneficent spider (407)John Webster
Dayadhvam: I have heard the key (411)Dante Alighieri
Only at nightfall, aetherial rumours / Revive for a moment a broken Coriolanus (417)William Shakespeare
Fishing, with the arid plain behind me (424)John L. Weston
Shall I at least set my house in order? (425)Prophet [Eponymous]
Poi s'ascose nel foco che gli affina (427)Dante Alighieri
Quando fiam uti chelidon—O swallow swallow (428)[Anonymous]
Le Prince d'Aquitaine à la tour abolie (429)Gérard de Nerval
Why then Ile fit you. Hieronymo's mad againe. (431)Thomas Kyd
Shantih shantih shantih (433)[Anonymous]

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