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QUIZ: Can you name the facts about Lutheranism?

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Branch of Christianity (Classification)
Denomination's Founder
Founder's Former Religion
First Year of the Reformation
Founding Country
Number of 'Theses'
City Where Theses Were Posted
Corrupt Selling of These Sparked Reformation
Guttenberg Invention, Helped Spread Reform Texts
Pope Who Excommunicated Founder
1521 Holy Roman Decree Condemning Founder
Term for 7 Bible Books Removed in Reformation
Catholic Council Held in Response to Reformation
Massive 17th Century Catholic/Protestant War
Five Solas
Five Solas
Five Solas
Five Solas
Five Solas
# of Sacraments
Eucharistic Theology (Similar to Transubstantiation)
Primary Lutheran Confession of Faith
Flower on Seal Representing Founder/Denomination
WWII Pastor, Theologian and Anti-Nazi Martyr
Only Lutheran-Majority Country Outside Europe
Largest US Lutheran Denomination

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