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Can you name the facts about the Eastern Orthodox Church?

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Four Marks of the Church
Four Marks of the Church
Four Marks of the Church
Four Marks of the Church
'First Among Equals' Archbishop
Current Spiritual Leader
'First-Called' Apostolic Descendant of Above
# of Autocephalous Churches in Communion
Largest Autocephalous Church
Country w/Largest Orthodox Population
Year of Great Schism Between East and West
Controversial Word Added to Latin Nicene Creed
# of Ecumenical Councils Accepted
Christians Who Recognize Only First Three Councils
Important 2016 Council (Not Ecumenical)
Traditional Painted Image of Christ/Saints
Common Depiction of 'Christ Almighty'
Greek Term for Mary as 'God-Bearer'
Orthodox Term for 'Canonization' (To Make a Saint)
Transformative Process w/Goal of Union with God
Largest Orthodox Church Building
Former 'Holy Wisdom' Constantinople Basilica
Jerusalem Church Marking Site of Jesus' Death
Ancient Monastery at Mount Sinai
Women-Free Peninsula of Monasteries in Greece
Colorful Onion-Domed Moscow Cathedral
Most Common Architectural Style Among Churches
Wall Dividing Sanctuary and Church Congregation
Name for Church Service/Eucharistic Liturgy
Bishop and Author of Most-Used Byzantine Liturgy
Traditional Name for Sacrament of Confirmation
Famous Short Prayer Addressing Jesus's Mercy
Date of Christmas (Julian Calendar)
Typical Name for Easter/Easter Season
Pentarchy Cities
Pentarchy Cities
Pentarchy Cities
Pentarchy Cities
Pentarchy Cities
Russian 'Third Rome' City
Widespread 4th Century Heresy, Denied the Trinity
Religious Image Destruction by Byzantine Emperors
Missionary Brothers, Inventors of Cyrillic Alphabet
Byzantine Monk/Poet, Last St. w/Title 'Theologian'
10th Century Prince, Christianizer of Kievan Rus'
Russian Schismatics Protesting 1600s Reforms

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