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Four Marks of the Church
Four Marks of the Church
Four Marks of the Church
Four Marks of the Church
Meaning of the Word 'Catholic'
First Pope
Current Pope
Current Pope Emeritus
High-Ranking Bishop that Elects the Pope
# of 'Sui iuris' Eastern Catholic Churches
Largest Eastern Catholic Church
Patron Saint of the Universal Church
City-State 'Headquarters'
Country w/Largest Catholic Population
Official Language of Roman Rite and Holy See
World's Largest Church Building
Papal Cathedral
Name for Eucharistic Liturgy/Church Service
Changing of Bread/Wine into Body/Blood of Christ
Summary of Church Theology and Instruction
Term for Biblical Books Not Accepted by Protestants
# of Ecumenical Councils Accepted
Type of Deadly Sin that Cuts off God's Grace
Lesser Sin that Doesn't Lead to Condemnation
# of Sacraments
Act Granting Some Remission of Sin's Punishment
Traditional Prayers/Mediations on Christ's Passion
Prayer Beads of Hail Marys and Our Fathers
God's Preservation of Mary from Sin Before Birth
Bodily Taking Up of Mary into Heaven at Her Death
Author of 'Confessions' and 'City of God'
St. Jerome's Latin Translation of the Bible
Father of Western Monasticism
Year of East-West Great Schism
Wars Sanctioned to Take Back the Holy Land
Italian Preacher/Stigmatic, Patron Saint of Animals
Common Middle Ages Cathedral Architectural Style
Italian Philosopher, Author of 'Summa Theologica'
14th Century Seat of the Papacy in Southern France
German Initiator of the Reformation
English King Who Split with Church Over Divorce
Council Convened in Response to Protestantism
Sistine Chapel Ceiling Painter
Religious Order Founded by Ignatius of Loyola
Church's Powerful Post-Reformation Art Style
19th Century French Nun, 'Little Flower of Jesus'
Treaty w/Mussolini Over Holy See Sovereignty
1960's Council of 'the Church and Modern World'
Albanian Nun Famous for Relief Work in India
Renewed Call for Catholics to Share Gospel

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