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Latin Meaning of the Word 'Anglican'
Communion's Mother Church
Supreme Governor of Church Above
'First Among Equals' Archbishop
Current Archbishop Above
# of Churches in Anglican Communion
Founding Country
Flag Color
Flag Color
Flag Color
Flag Color
Saint's Cross Depicted on Flag
Latin for 'Middle Way' (btw. Catholic/Protestant)
6th Century 'Apostle to the English'
Monk and Historian, 'Father of English History'
Archbishop Martyred in His Own Cathedral
King Who Split with Catholic Church Over Divorce
Act Declaring King Head of English Church
Royal Disbandment of Britain's Abbeys in the 1500s
Historic and Widely-Used Bible Translation
Official Book of Liturgy and Theology
Influential Bishop, Original Author of Book Above
Numbered Statements of Doctrine
Founder of Methodism, Attempted Anglican Reform
1800s Movement to Include High Church Elements
'Narnia' Author and Christian Apologist
Largest Anglican Church in the US
First Openly Gay Bishop
Decennial Assembly of Worldwide Bishops
Largest Anglican Church Building

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