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Can you name the famous people excommunicated at some point by the Catholic Church?

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Haitian 'President for Life' with personality cult responsible for the murder of tens of thousands, excommunicated for the expulsion of all Catholic bishops from Haiti1966
Military genius and emperor of a 'short'-lived French Empire excommunicated after occupying Rome, arresting cardinals and even the pope himself1808
English king and eventual signer of the Magna Carta excommunicated for refusing to accept Pope Innocent III's choice for the new Archbishop of Canterbury1209
Irish rocker, who infamously tore up a picture of the pope on 'SNL,' automatically excommunicated for receiving invalid priestly ordination due to her being a woman1999
First king of a unified Italy, excommunicated after successfully waging war against and conquering the Papal States1860
Priest, scholar in the early Church and antipope excommunicated for the heresy of opposing lapsed Christians or those who denied the Faith being allowed back into the Church251
Communist dictator of Yugoslavia excommunicated, along with his government, for sentencing Archbishop Aloysius Stepinac to prison on trumped-up war crime and high treason charges1946
The first Anglican Queen of England, excommunicated by the papal bull 'Regnans in Excelsis' by St. Pius V for persecuting Catholics and for heresy1570
English dissident preacher, Oxford professor and Reformation 'Morning Star' excommunicated for illicitly translating Bible into English, denying papal authority and other heresies1378
Archbishop of Constantinople excommunicated by the First Council of Ephesus for the major heresy of proclaiming Christ's two persons instead of one431
Famous Scottish king, warrior and leader of independence wars against the English excommunicated for killing political rival John Comyn in front of the high altar at a monastery1306
French bishop, founder of the Society of St. Pius X and opponent of Vatican II excommunicated after ordaining four bishops against the orders of Pope St. John Paul II1988
Early Czech reformer excommunicated and eventually burned at the stake for numerous heresies1410
German founder of the Protestant Reformation excommunicated after refusing to recant his claims at the Diet of Worms, including his Ninety-Five Theses1521
Heretic of the early Church excommunicated for claiming the God of the Old Testament was not the same God as the one found in the New Testament144
Friar and 'prophet' who rid Florence of the Medicis excommunicated and eventually killed for defying the pope by preaching under ban and holding his famous bonfires of the vanities1497
Controversial two-time President of Argentina, eventually overthrown in a coup, excommunicated for deporting two Catholic priests to Italy1955
Infamous communist revolutionary and former dictator of Cuba, excommunicated for suppressing Catholic institutions in the country1962
Young peasant girl, 'Maid of Orléans,' and savior France during the 100 Years' War excommunicated and burned as a heretic on secular grounds (later to be absolved and canonized)1431
Early Church priest excommunicated and refuted by the First Council of Nicaea for his major non-trinitarian heresy311

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