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Can you name the US presidential election years by the person or people who lost the race?

Quiz Updated Nov 9, 2016

Forced Order
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Presidential Loser(s)Election Year
John C. Breckinridge, John Bell, and Stephen Douglas
Michael Dukakis
Horatio Seymour
Richard Nixon
Alfred Smith
John W. Davis and Robert M. La Follette
William Henry Harrison, Hugh White, Daniel Webster, and Willie P. Mangum
Hubert Humphrey and George Wallace
Hillary Clinton
DeWitt Clinton
Alton Parker
None (candidate ran unopposed)
Alf Landon
John C. Frémont and Millard Fillmore
William Jennings Bryan
John McCain
Martin Van Buren
Martin Van Buren and Lewis Cass
Henry Clay and James Birney
John Kerry
Thomas E. Dewey
Rufus King
Al Gore
Benjamin Harrison and James B. Weaver
Bob Dole and Ross Perot
Henry Clay and William Wirt
Charles Pinckney
Gerald Ford
George McGovern
Presidential Loser(s)Election Year
Wendell Willkie
Andrew Jackson, William Crawford, and Henry Clay
Mitt Romney
Thomas E. Dewey and Strom Thurmond
George H.W. Bush and Ross Perot
George B. McClellan
James G. Blaine
William Jennings Bryan
Grover Cleveland
John Adams
Samuel Tilden
Barry Goldwater
Theodore Roosevelt, William Howard Taft, and Eugene V. Debs
William Jennings Bryan
Winfield Scott
Jimmy Carter
John Quincy Adams
James M. Cox
Herbert Hoover
Charles Evans Hughes
Horace Greeley
Adlai Stevenson
None (candidate ran unopposed)
Charles Pinckney
Adlai Stevenson
None (candidate ran unopposed)
Walter Mondale
Winfield Scott Hancock
Thomas Jefferson

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