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Can you name the Wonders from Sid Meier's 'Civilization Revolution'?

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Doubles Trade production in the city 
Receive any technologies that at least two other civilizations discovered 
Access to all forms of government 
Forces all civilizations to make peace with the owner 
Increases population of the city by 50% 
Finds out the result of battles before they take place 
Temple's effects increased by 50% 
+1 Trade in all sea squares 
+1 Attack strength to all units 
Upgrades all units to current best unit in their lineage 
Courthouses produce culture 
Acquire an advanced technology 
Doubles Culture production in the city 
Doubles Gold production in the city 
Access to all technologies you have not yet researched 
Enemy city walls no longer prevent their cities from flipping 
Gold production in all cities doubled 
Obtain the only ICBM in the game 
Reduces the cost of all units 
Cultural Victory 
Economic Victory 

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