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Can you name the facts about the city of Lisbon?

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Official Name/Motto
Local Name
Flag/Coat of Arms Color
Flag/Coat of Arms Color
Flag/Coat of Arms Color
Flag/Coat of Arms Color
Flag/Coat of Arms Color
President of the Municipal Chamber
Municipal Chair
Mayor's Political Party
# of Freguesias (Civil Parishes)
Bordering Ocean
Highest Point (745 ft)
Lowest Point (0 ft)
Mythical Greek Founder
Roman Name
Post-Roman 'Barbarian' Rulers
8th Century Muslim Conquerors
Crusades Reconqueror
Year of the Siege of Lisbon
Important Hilltop Castle
Famous Golden Age Monastery
White 16th Century Tower
18th Century Aqueduct
Year of the Great Lisbon Earthquake
Rebuilder of Lisbon
War Resulting in French Occupation
King Shot in Praça do Comércio
Date the Republic was Established
Right-Wing Military Dictatorship
1974 Coup Launched in Lisbon
Home of Parliament
Tallest Building
Country's Largest Stadium
Primeira Liga Soccer Team
Primeira Liga Soccer Team
Primeira Liga Soccer Team
Country's Largest Arena
Country's Largest Airport
Country's Longest Suspension Bridge
City's Only Remaining Vertical Lift
National Sanctuary, Statue of Jesus
Seat of the Catholic Patriarch
City's Patron Saint
City's Patron Saint

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