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Can you name the NCT member from my description?

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Ok but the blonde hair is superior and no one can change my mind, FINALLY GOT A PROPER DEBUT AMEN, in Korea: Bullied by China: Bullied by WayV
Wrote a song about Lucas always looking in the mirror.. understandable, EYEBROWS!EYEBROWS!EYEBROWS, he's a fiesty red dragon called mushu
Watches Haechan aeygo videos.. relatable, Kang Daniel enthusiast, NCT:..Him:haHAHAhhah
High notes? Owns them. Aegyo? Doesn't know how to do. Postman? Pat, his charger's known as Haechan, I miss the undercut era bring her back plz
The softest sweetest Valentine's boy, bequietdon'tcry, he be walkin🚶👊with the cheese😜👅 that's the queso👌
I got honey skin...oh no you have to taste it, So sweet..caramel salt...I wanna hit myself, *aggressively punches the air while singing baby by jb and wearing 10/10 fashion*
3 different versions of Regular for him to only Bust it Bust it Bust it😢, speaks five languages but struggles with them all, Touch was his era and no one fight me on this...
Probably making fun of Kun 98% of the time, the camera's heavy because it's filled with all our beautiful memories, Hello! I am from...yeah.
We over here idolising a man who be using a dust pan as a regrets, Do you like sushi?? Haha...i am Xuxi..., has giant hands and a poor fly got squashed as a result
Can people stop denying my boy of kisses he just wants some luv xx, Jack..Jack...jjakkjakk, he's gaining sm confidence recently and ugh just steals my uwus
We need him in more soft concepts. WE NEEED HIM IN MO-, Mark don't overreact..., I'm not sure when or how but he adopted Yukhei along the way...
Hi my name's Jeno...?, What's a congratulations? Intellectuals only know congrechreytions, my boy gonna be an actor..MY BOY GONNA BE AN A-
Don't put him near dominos, the clumsiest awkward lil baby...17 year old baby, some ppl still haven't seen his lemonade dance n it shows...
I miss my baby boi sm ugh my heart, the only MJ stan..ever., Do you have no confidence?!? I HAVE NO CONFIDENCE!
Can't handle his drink well and gets all red and blushy, is a glitchy robot..but a cute one, im calling on all green hair and 2 different coloured contact stans
Called out SM for making him have an innocent concept, is the definition of he protecc but he attacc, I feel like dying OoOii
All I ask for in life is a man bun comeback plz sm plz, He's XXXXL but really he is tiniest don't question it..., is highkey Hyuck's dad
The wine mom everyone should aspire to be, You're so *Clap* UHHUHU*Clap* precious when you smile, if taeyong could bring one person to a deserted island it would be me since its me
Will act cutesy for food. Confirmed by a name sounding like Ya Daemin.., always in the bg of vlives making weird noises for no apparent reason, his sleeveless shirts hurt my heart
Apparently is like Donkey from Shrek..(someone stop Ten from making all of wayv cartoon characters tnx), Ten's Chinese teacher,...I like pink.
Big Head #1, NCT:.... Him: IM THE BOSS TO THE WORLD..hlmlhamlalaamahalfeellikeiwear...GUSEU GUSEU, pushing tons of seats together to spell Jisung I'm so s*ft for him uwu

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