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Enjoys stressing everyone out especially Mark and Doyoung, cover dance KING, here is Korea man..don't forgot ok?
Protects the dreamies from ugly fansites, get irritated very easily, Jeno and Jungwoo are his biases as with them his motherly instincts kick in
Justin Bieber has got nothing on him, We got a DReAm man, ten + taeyong together BOOM
Looks 1000% done with his members 24/7, apart from winwin. Never with winwin, healing smile
*Dolphin screams*, got extremely stressed when Mark started cutting the fruit with scissors, the best pre debut pictures along with/Ten
Chased birds in the snow and then almost slipped....the crackhead...I love, pronounces very hilarious in the most adorable way ever, sm just call him the leader already
Flirts with any living thing including a nurse according to SM staff, jisung is his child, he👏is👏more👏than👏visuals👏
Dreamies are always stressing him out but he still loves them, is bullied by China line, makes everyone shook with his included
The cutest eye smile the world will ever see ok!, The only one in dream who actually listens, got adorably shook when hyuck said he's the funniest member
Dancing king young and savage only 16, goes into handshakes with scissors, I'm scared for the day a new member may be calling him hyung
Tae:SKRTT Him:skraet?, Snoopy cutie, his live vocals deserve more appreciation cuz boi..
Just wants to buy some ice cream, hates skinship apart from when it's w/Mark for some unknown reason, Chinese Traditional dancing king
Gets bullied by dream for his voice crack in mfal, I SEE...tHE viSiON(sorry Idk how to get the smol writting this is the best I could do), has an adorable child❤
Segull Eyebrows, LET'S GET IT!!!, apparently Donghyuck almost made him leave SM...huh the more ya know
An Owl and a Grandpa, is emotional and cried when winwin said he only would allow Mark to hug him, Chain was his era don't test me on thisss
he lived in america for four years...that's why he's here man, all of NCT 127 are his lovers apparently..?, hejustwantssomemilk
Bad parrot impressions that will give anyone second hand embarrassment, Bf material but wears dad clothes, is Bigfoot. That's it. That's the hint.
Is scared of fruits...who even knows why, Haechan annoys the living daylights our of him, he's gonna show you a dance for Guurrrlllsss

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