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CommentMusic VideoGroup
MV Producer: So what effects do you guys want? BTS: Yes.BTS
racism has left the chatLOONA
I think they need to work a bit on gun safety...Weki Meki
When the floor gets more action than you do.NCT 2018
wow South Korea's national anthem goes hard doesn't it B.I.G
No goldfish were harmed in the making of this MVASTRO
Only Hwasa can still look sexy while dancing in plastic bags.Hwasa
Pulp Fiction reference omg...Uma Thurman is SHOOKETHTwice
They just rollerskated into my playlist..Imfact
they've committed every Korean music video sin and it's a bop.TRIPLE H
Mozart sunbaenim is shookKNK
Yuto eating the chicken is my new religion.Pentagon
the real question is...what colour is the dog..?ITZY
CommentMusic VideoGroup
I was literally about to say Bless You to the queen because she sneezed, but then I realized she blessed me first with this bopSunmi
They throw each other around so much in their dance practices, they decided to make it part of their choreographyStray Kids
This has already surpassed Tempo. Poor Tempo SunbaenimEXO
They did the mannequin challenge firstGirl's Generation
Skin?Clear. Depression?Cured. Wig?Snatched. Bias list?Wrecked. Hotel?Trivago. Panda?Express. Seventeen?Right Here.Seventeen
Cleansing my ears after listening to Drippin'NCT DREAM
'Don't be lazy.' Me: *Starts cleaning room*(G)i-dle
Me:I only listen to songs with deep meanings. Eric:Ini Mini Miny More. Me:I love this song omg I think I'm about to cry the lyrics are so deep I need Einstein to explain itThe Boyz
this sounds like dumb dumb's emo sisters im cryingRed Velvet
I'm Christian pls stop...Hyolyn
Monsta X aren't dancing on water.. they're dancing on Monbebe's tears..MONSTA X
Moral of the story: Don't be a basic ho.CLC

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